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I found myself parenting two kids, quite by accident. No, seriously, if you’d asked me 5 years ago if I’d have children before I was 30 I’d have snorted my vodka.

Now I’m 27 and have two small humans I’m wholly accountable for, and besides being terrified of getting it wrong I’m now learning ‘life skills’ from people I’ve never met in my life, through a website I’m addicted to.

I speak of course about Pinterest. And since it’s been among other things a procrastination tool (who doesn’t want to make penguin hats?), I have finally decided to put it’s concise wisdom-seeking powers to good use.

4 weeks ago I did something exhilarating and a little impulsive. No mum, I’m not pregnant again. I leased a studio. My plan was, and is to give my network marketing business a home (away from my sofa), give my husband’s martial arts classes a hub, and earn some cash from hiring it out. A totally sensible, grown-up thing to do.

You would think my A-level Business Studies would qualify me to draught a basic business plan… It doesn’t, I got a really crap grade, which I can’t disclose because my parents might be reading this. The business plan exists as a series of ramblings in my head. You would think I could at least cost my expenses. I did scrawl some numbers on the back of an envelope, which I now call guerilla budgeting. I probably wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll get to read about that a little later on.

Now I own a gym.

I’m confident it’ll work out, what could possibly go wrong? There’s decent feedback coming back about the whole venture from some smart folk I know. Most importantly my husband thinks I’m a ninja. Working out finer details like child care, book-keeping, management, expenses, housework and feeding the family can wait.

The sudden need to ‘not be broke’ has led me to explore new ways of promoting the practice, and ultimately learning new skills – like the art of blogging. Bear with me while I educate myself online. If you’re as new to this as I am, or maybe have humans and a business you’ve grown yourself, we can exchange tips.

As it stands, I am 2 boys, one gym, and one new blog up from 5 years ago, which, from where I’m standing is not bad going.


The Accidental Blog

7 thoughts on “The Accidental Blog

  1. You go girl! This is my first blog, don’t actually know what I’m doing, but I know it will become great! So happy you’re on here! You keep up the good work and continue to do you! When you have a vision from God, He’ll give you the provision to make it possible! P.s. you know eventually your boy’s will want a lil sister right? Lol!


  2. Thanks for sharing and thank you for following my blog as well! I hope to continue to offer you great content you can implement immediately. Congrats on your new venture (blogging), motherhood, and adulthood “A totally sensible, grown-up thing to do.” 🙂 If there’s any assistance or tips I can offer, let me know!


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