Shooting oneself in the foot

Disloyalty is a new symptom of our desire for success.

I’m met with backhand deals, under-the-table offers, and the finest levels of undercutting daily. I’m talking all aspects of trade, electricity suppliers to private clients. Everybody is bent on being ‘better off’.

You’ve probably saved a bit of cash by switching to something cheaper, faster, or sexier, but does that always equate to getting a better deal – is spending less even a real reward? However advantageous you may feel a move was, you may have left a steadfast stakeholder in the lurch. What then is the real expense?

I find myself guilty of classless impatience. It’s prompted me to drop offers and unwittingly break bonds to persons with a stake in my business. It’s really only when you step back and examine the wreck, you see the real damage.

Then I question, how often have I brushed people aside because what they were offering wasn’t instantly gratifying. Those sentiments don’t stretch to ex boyfriends, but you can see where I’m going. It’s a brand of greed synonymous with our times and we are all guilty. I don’t care how sanctimonious you are, even the charities are doing it!

Do we go around shooting ourselves in the foot by ignoring valuable service, compliant customers and worthy suppliers for want of squirrelling quick cash, or are we better off living fast and climbing young?


Shooting oneself in the foot