Internet Home School

Mr. Bossmother asked if I’d written anything today (unlike him). And I hadn’t, because I was busy smashing my head into the keyboard trying to understand why I couldn’t find my website on Google.

I then discovered, through a process of massive flapping, web forum reading, live-chatting, and other frantic behaviours, that I quite literally have no idea what the hell I’m doing. The information is out there and though it may take you a small lifetime to wade through the jargon (if you are as computer-illiterate as I am), it’s worth trying. If my entire budget hadn’t been spent (see Guerilla budgeting and why it’s shit), I would have payed somebody to do this all for me.

Starting to scratch the surface now. There’s a stubborn beast in me, and I will crack this intramanet malarky!

I’m home-schooling myself now in online presence and how to appear in a search engine because, fortunately for me, I have a husband who brings snacks and lets me get on with it.


Internet Home School