Finding time to self-love

I’m the coffee-cup wielding nut-job at the school gates, because the truth is I am particularly bad at managing my time. This is a problem when parenting, but especially when running a small business.

When the neighbour isn’t picking my eldest up from school, I’m flapping about, trying to get out of the house with my youngest. Dinner probably hasn’t been made,  I’ve decided it would be an email/marketing day but, the bulk of it has been spent on social media. It’s a groundhog thing, it happens more than I care to admit.

It’s unproductive, and pretty toxic. I don’t get out as often as I should, afternoon school runs shouldn’t count as ‘going out’. Various friends have recommended a wide assortment of clever life-managing apps and sites. Hootsuite for social media usage, Gotomeetings for webinars, Woocommerce for my online shop . My phone has become an almanac of ‘potentially useful stuff’ – none of which ever gets a look in.

There is a key to effective time management. I’m yet to find out what it is.  Replicating that method used by your super-mum friend who has 6 kids (all in matching, ironed slacks) may be tricky. Some folks can run a profitable on-line Etsy shop while owning a printing business, and still find time to groom a large dog while you struggle to water your house plant. Don’t measure yourself against other people’s standards, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Identify your own particular style of ‘order’ (or lack thereof), and build up slowly, fixing the broken stuff step-by-step. Praise yourself when you get it right. Make getting organised a labour of love and self-preservation, it’s not an exact science.

See my previous ‘lists’ blog, it’s one of the many ways I’m trying my hand at self-love.


Finding time to self-love